Healthy Palate by Mary Lynn Farivari

Marylynn Farivari, Healthy Palate

Mary Lynn Farivari is a registered dietitian who loves to cook, eat and try new foods. She has been helping people for over 20 years live healthier lives by improving the quality of what they eat. Her philosophy is to begin with what you normally eat and then take realistic steps towards improving your health. She doesn’t believe in quick fixes, diet gimmicks or “eating perfectly.” Instead, healthy eating is a life long process where the goal is to eat healthy most of the time, yet where all foods can fit. She believes one of the best ways to improve health is by eating more fruits and vegetables. Her cookbook, Healthy Palate, Delicious and Simple Recipes to Enhance Meals with Fruits and Vegetables, combines her enjoyment of great tasting food with quick and easy meal ideas that include an abundance of fruits and vegetables.