About Mary Lynn

“You have the power to improve your health and still eat delicious food!”

As a Registered Dietitian, Mary Lynn Farivari is passionate about showing people that eating nutritious foods doesn’t mean giving up taste and variety. With her 20+ years of experience, love of good food, and talent in the kitchen, she is the author of Healthy Palate: Delicious and Simple Recipes to Enhance Meals with Fruits and Vegetables.

A busy professional, Mary Lynn excels in taking the complex science of good nutrition and translating it into simple, helpful ways so people are motivated to take steps and change their diets. She states, “My career is devoted to helping people live a healthier life.”

Mary Lynn Farivari is a Registered Dietitian with two decades of experience that includes being the Clinical Nutrition Manager responsible for coordinating the nutrition program at Georgetown University Medical Center. While at Georgetown she was a guest lecturer at nutrition classes offered to the medical students. She has also presented seminars to employees at private businesses and major corporations on eating healthy. She currently works in an outpatient medical facility, where she provides individual nutrition counseling to people who want to lose weight, manage their diabetes, or lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure in addition to teaching classes in nutrition.

Mary Lynn earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Environment Sciences with a major in Dietetics from the University of Alabama and is certified by the American Dietetic Association in Adult Weight Management. She is a member of the American Dietetic Association and two of its practice groups, Nutrition Entrepreneurs and the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutritionist.

Mary Lynn resides in Bethesda, Maryland in the suburbs of Washington, DC with her husband. She enjoys cooking, reading, exercising, and traveling.